Lifted from Jared Sorensen’s three questions

What is the Campaign About?

This is a game of swashbuckling adventure in post-apocalyptical world. Civilization is still in the progress of rebuilding and the environment has led to both nature and civilization to constantly be pressing against one another in conflict.

The characters are heroes, able to travel through the dangerous environment by virtue of their skills and powers, which most people lack. They have their own stories, in addition to the overall plots of the world.

The charcters are eager explorers by nature. While not nessecarily for any given thing, they against the darkness. They may punch one another in the face, but they will not stab one another in the back.

Combat and exploration are primary focuses and should be fun. The world is a big, dangerous place with alot of history to reclaim. The goal is narrative, rather than simulation.

How Does the Campaign Do that?

The environments of the game are both perilous and understandable. Combats are not intended to all be won, but nothing should be able to kill the characters in one die roll. Failure on a skill roll should be fun, rather than obstacle that forces less fun alternatives.

Combat should be distinctive and meaningful, with interesting collections of monsters and terrian. For more routine fights, timers will be used. For completing various goals in combat, or skill challenges the players will receive points which that can use to influence the overall narrative.

Magic items are found in dungeons or given as gifts. They are not for sale. Character stats will be adjected appropriately. Magic items should be neat and special.

There are not many people like the characters, and they may be sought after to perform certain tasks. That said, they are not the sole instances of adventurers, nor are they the biggest fish in the pond.

Elements of each players background will be used in a plot map, and characters from one’s background will be linked to others backgrounds as well as to the plots that are being used in the game.

What Behaviors Does the Campaign Reward and Punish?

There are three re

  • XP: For sanity sake, XP will always be shared equally among the party to ensure constant levels. Maybe this isn’t actually required.
  • Boon Cards: Good roleplaying and constructive meta-play (like risk taking that adds to the fun of the game) will be rewarded by a random draw from the boon deck. Cards therein will allow re-rolls, training in a skill for one roll, and other such benefits. Shamelessly stolen from Gnome Stew.
  • Story Points: For an adventure, several meta-goals will be presented, such as: “Everyone knows we did”, “The Mercenary troupe suffers no loss of face”, “The mercenary troupe runs out of money”. For accomplishing sub-goals in combat and quick play the party will get these points which will affect the narrative
  • Gold: As magic items are not a requisite for adventuring, there will be gold sinks to both let the players leave their mark on the world, and relieve them of hard won coin.

While creative thinking is encouraged, solutions that are considered ‘lame’ will only work once, if it all.

Player feedback, especially related to future adventure plans will be rewarded by being incorporated.


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