Humans are a native race to Atael.


Dragonborn are descended from the unintelligent shock troops used by the fey in the Holy War of Mana. Nine hundred years later they have evolved into a fierce, if problematic society. In general, Dragonborn dislike one another instinctively seeing one another as threats. However, the other races are viewed as unruly children. This lead many Dragonborn to live apart from their people, while sending many letters to one another.

Dragonborn also will congregate around areas strongly associated with dragons. Most child rearing occurs in such places. Strangely, dragonborne avoid contact with actual dragons.


Eladrin were a common sight prior to the catastophe. While native to the Fey, they immigrated and were a sizable force in the world, often being mages.

When the Catastrophe occured, many of the cities of the Eladrin were well protected and became enclaves. Not all of the cities have returned to the world, nor did all those that did return survive.

Calling upon their inate connection to the Fey, Eladrin can teleport short distances.


Those Eladrin who were not lucky enough to get into an enclave endured a harsh new world. Where they had to face both the environment and the other survivors without the abundance of mana they were accustomed to. This led to radical shifts in there culture creating the new race of the Elves.

The Elves used their waning magic in necromantic rituals to defend their lands from their many enemies. As a consequence, every elf is haunted by their ancestors who are often called upon to provide wisdom and guidance.


Teiflings were created when the sorceror Nunuzac briefly transposed the infernal realm onto the capital of Taltec in a desperate ploy to hold of Domatz’s armies. Following that defeat the tieflings were hunted for a time before integrating with modern societies.


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